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Silverelick's News

Posted by Silverelick - August 13th, 2020

Zeakri's Twitter

Who the Fuck is that?

You probably seen her old Designs on here from time to time, or on my other Socials if you stalk me, which let's be honest no one does.


Here is an Older Design of hers (Which her Current Design use this as a Base) Made for the Upcoming Tome Game. I backed it for a $90 tier, and she is Pirate themed, so I'm assuming she is going to Show up in the Beach Chapter, meaning I'm going to have to play a lot of the game to see her. Hope it's good. Anyway Zeakri is one of my favorite creations, and she will be my Mascot for the Company I made with my Friends. She also is the Face of my Rebranded Patreon. Which again you should back to help us make more projects if you can. If not, That's cool, at least give the Twitter a Follow. It will have Announcements as well as First release of Art of our beloved Mascot, in all different ways! so if you want to get your Heart stolen by the Greed Thief, stalk her and Tweet at her with your Creepy comments wanting lewd stuff, and hell tweet at her all of your fanart, and I mean ALL of it, she enjoys anything her adoring fans throw at her. Expect an updated Model sheet soon.


Posted by Silverelick - August 3rd, 2020

Patreon update

That's right you have to pay for WIP updates now, I'm so horrible.

Anyway if you haven't seen it already, I uploaded the new Animation test On Newgrounds.


If you have seen it already, I updated the Newgrounds one to the Uncensored version and removed the Patreon AD because NG wants everything for Free apparently. Still though It's a start and the Goal is to go Full time by the end of the year in some way, and opening a Patreon is the Start of that Journey hopefully. So please consider backing, and Saying hi in our Discord Community!

Been making a effort on being more active on my server and engaging with Friends and the few fans I have over there. So it would be nice to get feed back and meet new folks and seeing what they bring to the table on their creations or who they work with!

So at the very least it's a great place to shill your stuff, and hell we are fine with it, because discovering new content is always great.

Anyway that's all I got for you now. I already past my Goal of releasing 2 cartoons this year by releasing 3, and I plan on trying to squeeze in two to 3 more. It depends on how much time I have and my Ability to focus. But keep an eye on us, cause we are just going to get better and better! I hope at least!


P.S. Working on a Website! It's still in Work in Progress, but you can check it out on the links on my profile, it's' top link.


Posted by Silverelick - May 15th, 2020

So the New Short Dropped on Youtube. I hope it does well there. I'm happy with the reception here. I think the Major Issues over all is the Art being rough and still timing being a bit fast in certain areas. So I'm going to try and physically time things via a stop watch method and act out actions and dialogue to help balance it out as well


Trying a New art style and program out. Colors aren't final, and the Designs still need a bit more clean up, But I'm liking the current setup I'm working with. I hope to get this animation test done soon, it will be a quick Gag and it will be overly animated on purpose so hopefully that gives you guys a chuckle when I upload it.


I do have another short I was working in on Toonboom. This one has a bit better timing, staging, and animation. It was suppose to be ready for halloween, Was trying to see if I could make a cartoon in a short amount of time just to prove that I could. then Life hit hard. And the CYY Short was already on the back burner for 2 long and was close to being done anyway, so I finished that first. This one is the next Project, it's half done already and it still in toonboom, so I'm going to finish it up and Drop toonboom for Good. I'm expecting this next one to do LOADS better since it's setup a lot better and cause I started it after learning stuff on working on the CYY short. Hopefully I'll have it out next Month, but It really depends on motivation and all that good jazz. Still need a Soundscape and backgrounds for this one, so it might slow it down for a bit.

Anyway, Thanks for all the love an Support, The next one is going to be miles better, I promise you!

Catch you when I can.



Posted by Silverelick - May 9th, 2020



This took 2 years to make, mainly due to life and my incompetence honestly, glad it's finally done though!



Posted by Silverelick - February 22nd, 2020

So firstly. Hello new people that follow me, because I decided to back Newgrounds for another year. I absolutely love this site and all it brings, it's is the reason why I do the things I do, and I hope to one day be invited to a Pico Day so I can ask if Stamper would make out with me, and I ain't even gay.

So firstly, I'm a creator by trade, Lately I've been writing for my friend PallidCrest's Show, Untown.

UPDATE: The Episode 13 Just Dropped! Click Here to watch it!

I've been helping since Episode 7, and we are coming close to part 1 of our Season Finale. That should be launching some time soon, It's going to be awesome, and I highly recommend giving the show a watch. It's a bit quirky, but it's good fun.

When I'm not busting my chops writing. I do other things.


This is a little bit of animation from an upcoming short in my own CYY series. I've had a bumpy ride finishing this project, but it's nearing it's completion FINALLY. But with that in mind, I'm thinking I might pivot the series into something more. I'll still be doing shorts, probably something easier to deal with, but this is going to be my longest cartoon to date, and It's taking a while, but I'm glad it will be done soon.


Here is a bit of animation I did for a Halloween short I WAS doing... But then Life hit me, and I couldn't finish it in time. For those who care, It involved a major health scare with a parent, and needing to find my own place to live. And sadly due to the whole moving transitioning period, I wasn't able to continue funding the license for Toonboom. But with things finally stabilizing, and tax season, I'll be back up and running with not only Toonboom, but a brand new recording setup. One of the major reasons why I haven't been creating stuff, was due to lack of tools or setups. also the consent having to Move and getting settled in, it's a bitch and a half to do things, or be motivated when this is the case.

HOPEFULLY, and I feel like I'm a broken record at this point. I'll be able to finish these 2 projects and get them out the door at a decent time.

CYY short - Animation is done, though I think I might do some tweaks before releasing it. And all it needs it Backgrounds and soundscape. So I'm expecting that out in April, since the last background is finished and just needs to be put in... which requires toonboom (Still waiting on fed to get back to me) It's okay, not my best work, and a bit more of a talking head piece which I was trying to get away from, but hey it's what you can do. I'm expecting that to do Okay here.

The Halloween short - I still need some lines from a character, one of the other Voice actors never got back to me, and it kind of stalled the project for a bit, then everything happened around September, and lost the toonboom thing in October, so yeah, that will be a bit. It's boarded, and the 1st 2 cuts are basically animated, Just need to do backgrounds a lip-syncing on those. (Oh boi Lip-syncing...) Oh, and i got a replacement VA in mind, a Local friend, which requires my new setup (Fed return, you guessed it)

Future Projects -

Big CYY Project, I hopefully will have news for if things pan out the way I hoped, so far so good, but who knows.

Probably more shorts in both CYY, and the Halloween short Universe (tentative title Nala Yaga)

Finishing Up Untown Season 1, and we are in talks of a possible Season 2, but it's still up in the air, but seriously check out my buddy Pallid's work, he does some good stuff. His animation style is a bit of an acquired taste, and his show Ticpunch is all him and his brilliant insanity at work, so if that's you kind of thing, please give it a watch.

And I'm probably going to post some more art here as well. I've been trying to evolve as an artist, but i haven't really got and inking styling or Coloring style I like yet. (I'm lazy, so I'm trying to find something that's easy but looks good, but also trying to get away from flash 8 to evolve as an artist.)

We will see what happens.

To everyone who decided to follow me because my willingness to spend my hard earn cash to support this site that gave me so many fond memories, and other things, I thank you. And I hope I'll something worth while for you guys in the near future hopefully... Goal is to post more then 2 projects this year, well at least post 2 of my Own Projects this year, aside from a writing credit. Here's to 2020 being the year of the Newgrounds, and the Decade of my rise to Mediocrity... hopefully.

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Posted by Silverelick - November 20th, 2019

There's cookies and punch by the door.

Posted by Silverelick - April 2nd, 2019

So things are a bit tight lately, and Work callbacks are not happening... AT ALL... It's pretty disheartening honestly. Figured I throw my hat in the ringer here to see if I can drum up some business. Enjoy the little commercial I made for you all. Also new Cartoon is almost done, on break because waiting on people to get back to me.

I'm hoping to have it out by June, any way Commissions yo!


Special thanks to Mae for the Sweet Narration lines, follow her here.


Song is Jazzy loop by Sandordude https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/list...

Email inquires to Elicktheartslave@gmail.com

if you just want to do a straight donation, link to my paypal is here.



We are selling the following

Character Art

-Sketch $10

-Flats $20

-Shading $30

-Block Coloring is an option $25

Multiple Characters cost Extra

Best Example - https://www.deviantart.com/silverelic...

Reference Sheet

-Front and Back $45

-with Face reference, and Objects +$10

-Alternate Costumes +$25

Profile icons AkA Half Bodies

- Sketch $7

-Flats $15

-Shading $20

-Block Coloring is an option $17

Best Example - https://www.deviantart.com/silverelic...

Animated Profile icons

- Flats $25

-Shading $35

-Block Coloring is NOT an option, unless i can find a way to realistically do that.

Best Example - https://www.deviantart.com/silverelic...

Animated loops

- Flats $50 - $100 Depends on complexity and length of the loop

- Shading $60 - $120 Depends on the complexity and length of the loop

-Block Coloring again is NOT an option

Best Example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ylrg...

Animated Works

- Depends on the length of the work, if it’s a full production, we can workshop a budget, if it’s for a cut or segment of animation for a full production, again we can workshop a budget or setup payment via Frames made, or an hourly thing.

NSFW is not a factor due to quality concerns. Ecchi is allowed though

Best Example - Coming soon.


Posted by Silverelick - December 6th, 2018

Sweet, I was starting to feel old using a dead site and all that. I doubt anyone cares what I have to say and all that but whatever. Too all those who stumble on my page, Welcome! i'm Elick, I'm the current head writter on Untown, a project that isn't my own but hey, It helps me get practice. I basically bully the creator into submission until he takes the script that I give him. It works 93% of the time.

When I'm not writting for his show, and trying not to kill myself, I work on my own original cartoon called Club Yin-Yang.  There are 3 old shorts on here. Don't watch them, they are god awful and dated beyond belief.

WORRY NOT! I'm working on a new short that will be on here eventually. Here is a thing from it.



Some things need to be cleaned up, but hell, I'll get to it. I'm about 30% done with it? in the final animation stages, and I need backgrounds and all that jazz, but I'm hoping to get this out by next month. Hopefully Newgrounds can keep the moment, because I'm going to be launching that here first. So please consider checking that out when it comes out. And maybe giving my friend Pallid's show a try. 

See you guys around, hopefully.



Posted by Silverelick - March 11th, 2018

I still write for Untown and stuff, also working on stuff still.

Posted by Silverelick - June 27th, 2015

First thing is first.

A Short little cartoon I made for my sister's upcoming birthday. Made in a day, and despite how funny it is, i don't think I'll be uploading it on Newgrounds, because honestly It was done so quickly, also I'm going to try and bring only quality content to here. But you can enjoy it in some form here.

Next up. I'm currently working on a Commission, it's Dragonball Z oriented, and I'm aloud to upload it to here and the youtubes after it's done. It's my first parody sort of, and it was a paid for job, so don't expect much like that on a whim, I rather be doing my own thing, then a parody to be honest. Progress on that is moving at some speed so that will be out as soon as I get it done.

And finally the big one, EPISODE 1! Ricardo is Storyboarding Scene 1 currently, and I'm going to finally start animating Scene 2 today, since I finally got the final lines in for it. So thats going to be fun. Once scene 2 is done, I'm going to be uploading it as an episode preview on my channel. But the Preview will be a WIP form, so I don't think Music will be a thing in it, since I'm still currently looking for a new Composer to do score.

Also if CYY sounds like something that you want to be a part of, Worry not, I'm currently working on a Casting call video that will be up at some point soon hopefully, and we will have more on the way for the characters that we need. If voice acting is not your bag, but you can contribute in some way, I'll also be looking for additional animators, and Composers currently. I'm working on networking more, and trying to get a bit of a following, so I can start a Studio with friends, and have CYY as one of our flagship series for it. Big dreams I know, but hey the bigger they are the better right?

So work is getting done, I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope to see you again soon.