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I make CYY, write for Untown, and annoy a LOT of people to being my friend.

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Zeakri's Twitter

Who the Fuck is that?

You probably seen her old Designs on here from time to time, or on my other Socials if you stalk me, which let's be honest no one does.


Here is an Older Design of hers (Which her Current Design use this as a Base) Made for the Upcoming Tome Game. I backed it for a $90 tier, and she is Pirate themed, so I'm assuming she is going to Show up in the Beach Chapter, meaning I'm going to have to play a lot of the game to see her. Hope it's good. Anyway Zeakri is one of my favorite creations, and she will be my Mascot for the Company I made with my Friends. She also is the Face of my Rebranded Patreon. Which again you should back to help us make more projects if you can. If not, That's cool, at least give the Twitter a Follow. It will have Announcements as well as First release of Art of our beloved Mascot, in all different ways! so if you want to get your Heart stolen by the Greed Thief, stalk her and Tweet at her with your Creepy comments wanting lewd stuff, and hell tweet at her all of your fanart, and I mean ALL of it, she enjoys anything her adoring fans throw at her. Expect an updated Model sheet soon.

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Complete 4 levels.

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Play the dress up game on the main menu.

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Defeat the cops for the first time.

Debt 5 Points

Drive your total rangs into the negatives with bail outs.

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Get caught.

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Clear levels 5-10!

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Clear the first 5 levels!

Thanks! 5 Points

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So things are a bit tight lately, and Work callbacks are not happening... AT ALL... It's pretty disheartening honestly. Figured I throw my hat in the ringer here to see if I can drum up some business. Enjoy the little commercial I made for you all. Also new Cartoon is almost done, on break because waiting on people to get back to me.

I'm hoping to have it out by June, any way Commissions yo!


Special thanks to Mae for the Sweet Narration lines, follow her here.


Song is Jazzy loop by Sandordude https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/list...

Email inquires to Elicktheartslave@gmail.com

if you just want to do a straight donation, link to my paypal is here.



We are selling the following

Character Art

-Sketch $10

-Flats $20

-Shading $30

-Block Coloring is an option $25

Multiple Characters cost Extra

Best Example - https://www.deviantart.com/silverelic...

Reference Sheet

-Front and Back $45

-with Face reference, and Objects +$10

-Alternate Costumes +$25

Profile icons AkA Half Bodies

- Sketch $7

-Flats $15

-Shading $20

-Block Coloring is an option $17

Best Example - https://www.deviantart.com/silverelic...

Animated Profile icons

- Flats $25

-Shading $35

-Block Coloring is NOT an option, unless i can find a way to realistically do that.

Best Example - https://www.deviantart.com/silverelic...

Animated loops

- Flats $50 - $100 Depends on complexity and length of the loop

- Shading $60 - $120 Depends on the complexity and length of the loop

-Block Coloring again is NOT an option

Best Example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ylrg...

Animated Works

- Depends on the length of the work, if it’s a full production, we can workshop a budget, if it’s for a cut or segment of animation for a full production, again we can workshop a budget or setup payment via Frames made, or an hourly thing.

NSFW is not a factor due to quality concerns. Ecchi is allowed though

Best Example - Coming soon.