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I feel like this is going to go horribly wrong. In my experience, Rebound Flings always blow up in my face.

Raziberry responds:

We shall see!!

Didn't know Rich can Sing. Though Not sure if this will get on portal since this doesn't really count as an animation, since it's a Lyrical video. I'd love to see it on Audio portal though.

I was expecting Spazkids to be the porn one, I'm pleasantly surprised we got 2 instead this time. Can't wait for the next collab!

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It just works. I instantly knew how to play despite it telling me nothing, and it just feels satisfying to play. My one gripe is that it needs more levels, but that was fun. Not bad for a single day game, I'd love to see this expanded into something more!

I've learned more about chemistry in a single night then I did in school in the 12 years i was in there. even though the sex scene was a bit lacking, the fact that I earned that creampie through all the blood sweat and tears and crushing those books was reward enough. I Earned this waifu, she made me work for her, and damn it! I'm glad she made me earn it! it turns a boring Lay into a satisfying one. Next time though, make it 15 questions, and give me an Anal option damn it!

You know, this game is rather enjoyable. It was a nice breath of fresh air that I kind of needed in terms of flash games. I enjoyed it so much, that I actually bought the deluxe version of it on steam. I hope that my save will carry over, if it doesn't that's fine, but still think this is one of the best games on Newgrounds period.

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Give me FLCL Vibes from the more melancholic tracks. I like it.

I'm loving that flip flop between community and interviews! Seriously loving the vibe of this podcast!

HenryEyes Learn to read! Also Jack Serious grand return is much appreciated!

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Mom back during her Edgy Rave phase.

Oh snap, He returns!

BrandonPewPew responds:

Hey good to see you're still around :D

Really Like Margo with Purple hair honestly. Really adds Pop to her design aside from all shades of green.

I make CYY, write for Untown, and annoy a LOT of people to being my friend.

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