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UnTown episode 6- Saving the Towers UnTown episode 6- Saving the Towers

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Getting good. Getting good. I did like the plot of this episode, it was actually rather interesting. I feel like that it may have been a little stilted because the acting is a little flat. I mean the Voice cast is getting better at this. I feel like there are a lot of fresh blood in this, also some vets. Maybe some more direction on the lines would help. Also It's best to not have a character talk out of shot if you can help it. Craig being off screen and talking is a huge flub on the staging area. I feel like that you should have panned to him. Also maybe look into a much more active camera, just having characters stand and talk, isn't as engaging. As for the battle scene it was alright, but I feel like it was held back with the relent on the models. Maybe if you broke Model more for the heavier stuff like action, it would make it flow a LOT better.

All and all, Good episode, everything is slowly but surely getting better. I feel like if this keeps going up, by episode 10, you'll have the TV show quality that we all strive for. and then it can only go up from there.

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Tyrant's Blood Princess - Opening Tyrant's Blood Princess - Opening

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This isn't that bad. I mean it's a little stiff, and could use a bit more bounce, and a little better staging for certain things. But can you do me a favor, and NOT call this a "Fanime?" It not only cheapens the animation, and also makes me feel like that the quality is going to be crap. Sure it can be anime inspired, That's fine. But don't slap Fanime on the video. Nothing wrong about calling it a cartoon.

It's like making an original character and then saying it's a Sonic fan character, even though it has nothing to do with Sonic... at all. All I'm asking is to have respect for your project.

Aside from that, Maybe work on character proportions a bit (Hell like I can talk...) and maybe play around with bounce, and maybe make it not look as stiff. I mean Anime aesthetic is fine and all. But style doesn't replace motion at all.

But I don't know that might be my perfectionism seeping out a bit...

I'm really interested on seeing where you are going with this. I hope it ends up well. This as potential to be something great, it just has some wrinkles to iron out.

Like what you're doing here.
Look into cleaning up the art and animation a bit.
Please don't call it a Fanime because is cheapens the piece of works value.
Good luck and stuff yo.

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Gespenst-Project responds:

Hey, thanks for watching my video and leaving some constructive criticism! I'll be sure to take it into account for my future works!
I understand how you feel about the word "fanime", in fact I tend to feel the same way on occasion. I use the word now though because by making this I'm hoping to inspire more people to try, and hopefully lift the bad connotation off of the word.
Either way, thanks for you input, I appreciate it!

UnTown episode 5.5 UnTown episode 5.5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pallid you have come along way since the First episode of Untown was launched on NG. Maybe it was do to me bugging you to get better, or maybe it's the people you surround yourself with now. But I have to say, you are really coming into your own with this little series of yours!

A few minor complaints, [Which I've probably thrown at you a dozen times on skype and stuff, but whatever]

I feel like the episode should have had shown a bit more, and maybe have a bit better of a reaction to certain things. When Mia dropped the Tracker fluid, it kind of felt like a Jump cut. Also when Mia saw her sister tied up and she just did nothing, with some off screen dialog, I feel like it could have been handled a bit better. Maybe some animation of her sister struggling, or maybe a reaction shot from Mia, that could have made that scene a bit better.

And Finally, please consider adding Cheating out Positions for the character models. It will give you so much more range with the puppets, and make things look less flat.

Anyway, I have to say this is probably your Best work yet, the pacing was on point for the most part, and there was a lot smoother animation then your previous works. Keep at it, and keep improving. I'm rooting for you buddy. And I'll annoy you to git gud until I die. And don't worry, you can annoy me also.

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[3D] JRPG Parody: Intercession [3D] JRPG Parody: Intercession

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That one point where the Parody becomes serious. But seriously, Holy crap! I knew it was a good Idea to stick around and check this out. Also if you need a Gui Animator, I think I can help with that if needed. Seems simple enough, it would also give me practice on that. So yeah, Can't wait to see more, and keep at it.

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The Hero Of Time Saga Short Teaser The Hero Of Time Saga Short Teaser

Rated 5 / 5 stars

For a first attempt this is pretty damn good. You have seemed to gained quite a hang of the concept of animation in such a short time frame then most, It's surprising. I would say that all this effort should go to something original, but hell it's Zelda and I love me some Zelda, so even if you decide to continue with a full series, I'll so will be watching it.

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cuccolover responds:

Thank you! It's because of The Legend of Zelda that I was determined to animate in the first place, I might try something original once the series are done. ^-^

Norman the Crazy Mormon Norman the Crazy Mormon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Mother of God. This is darker in execution then I expected. Watching you create this lovely little gem start to finish, and giving a few pointers on how to improve it here and there seems to have done a hell of a lot of good on this one. I can honestly seeing this get front page, and it would be a shame if it didn't.
I would love to see Norman make his return at some point. Keep up the good work bro.

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Spike's Delicious Murder Mystery Spike's Delicious Murder Mystery

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice to see something from you. It's been years. I've actually did a re-watch on some of my faves from you rather recently. Good to see you are still alive.

As for the episode, aside from weird hiccups here and there in terms of glitches with the rigs and things, and sections seeming like they lasted longer then they should, it was a nice lighthearted episode to close off the series. I hope whatever you do from now on works out for you, but I also would like to know what exactly happened during your 5 Year break. But again, nice to see you back Rob.

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Bobert-Rob responds:

Hah, yeah, that was one hell of a break. I don't know, life kept sucker punching me. I do have like a dozen started projects collecting dust, most mentioned in the Scrapbook. Mostly games, which are always time consuming for me because bugs are a bitch to fix at times.

Mickey Goes To Court Mickey Goes To Court

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I did understand what you are attempting to go for. Court parody and such. The voice acting is actually rather decent. But I feel like the writing and the animation timing was quite lacking. Timing is a pain to work with, hell I myself struggle with timing as of the moment, but I feel like there where some areas that lasted much longer then it probably should have. Also the punchline was very lacking. Things where not explained very well ether. Was was Dopey stoned? Why was only the murder and the domestic abuse only shown proof of? The Hell was the floating ball? There wasn't really much debate in-terms of Mickey's case ether. It would have been funnier, if Mickey would have attempted to deny more and more evidence of his actions by making up funny stories why things where the way they where. Also the Intro zoom could have been handled a bit better. If you are going to have a foreground with the background and Zoom with it, make sure the different pieces Zoom differently with it. It might of been a case where you should have used something better then a VC if you could.

As for some good, well as stated before the voice acting was decent, and the coloring and the proportions where on spot. But I feel like it point of this parody failed to connect in terms or writing.

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FapioIII responds:

Bear in mind that this was bad on purpose (Trust me that’s not an excuse) but I notice that the presentation is extremely esoteric. So if anyone’s interested here’s all of my Mickey Mouse cartoons in their proper order.

UnTown episode 1 pt. 2 UnTown episode 1 pt. 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I see a good amount of potentional in this. Like BlackKitsune said, the audio problems are pretty apparent, however if you fix that issue, and probably clean up the art a bit more, this could be a nice running series, also the animation style should make it easier to create episodes. I would love to see where this goes.

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PallidCrest responds:

Thank you! and yes haha, I'm getting a bit of some training for good quality mixing, so that issue should change sometime, depends on how much I learn. Anyways, thank you for your feedback :) I realy appreciate it. :)

MONACO:ThisGuy'sDisguise MONACO:ThisGuy'sDisguise

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This was a rather well executed animation. The visuals are simple, yet appealing, and the quality of the animation was pretty good. If there was one thing I have to fault is that the voice acting is a bit lacking, which rather hurt the punchline. But all and all it was rather good.

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