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Silverelick's News

Posted by Silverelick - June 27th, 2015

First thing is first.

A Short little cartoon I made for my sister's upcoming birthday. Made in a day, and despite how funny it is, i don't think I'll be uploading it on Newgrounds, because honestly It was done so quickly, also I'm going to try and bring only quality content to here. But you can enjoy it in some form here.

Next up. I'm currently working on a Commission, it's Dragonball Z oriented, and I'm aloud to upload it to here and the youtubes after it's done. It's my first parody sort of, and it was a paid for job, so don't expect much like that on a whim, I rather be doing my own thing, then a parody to be honest. Progress on that is moving at some speed so that will be out as soon as I get it done.

And finally the big one, EPISODE 1! Ricardo is Storyboarding Scene 1 currently, and I'm going to finally start animating Scene 2 today, since I finally got the final lines in for it. So thats going to be fun. Once scene 2 is done, I'm going to be uploading it as an episode preview on my channel. But the Preview will be a WIP form, so I don't think Music will be a thing in it, since I'm still currently looking for a new Composer to do score.

Also if CYY sounds like something that you want to be a part of, Worry not, I'm currently working on a Casting call video that will be up at some point soon hopefully, and we will have more on the way for the characters that we need. If voice acting is not your bag, but you can contribute in some way, I'll also be looking for additional animators, and Composers currently. I'm working on networking more, and trying to get a bit of a following, so I can start a Studio with friends, and have CYY as one of our flagship series for it. Big dreams I know, but hey the bigger they are the better right?

So work is getting done, I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope to see you again soon.


Posted by Silverelick - May 5th, 2015

Hey Guys! Elick here. Giving a little update on Episode 1. Currently here is the status.

We are splitting up Episode 1 into 2 parts, so I'm trying to figure out currently how to go about uploading it. Should I do the parts on Newgrounds and then the full version on youtube, or the reverse that? Or should I just update the newgrounds File once both parts are finished and keep it as one thing, and then upload it on youtube when it's done. Anyway here is the status.

Part 1 - 22%
Scene 1 - Scripted
Scene 2 - Animatic and Script Updated
Scene 3 - Storyboard completed (Image from it)

Part 2 - 2% Scripted

A bit of Scene 3.

Also Introducing 3 new characters in Episode 1, I hope you guys enjoy them as much as we are. I feel like they are going to be pretty cool. And here is a little Teaser of what one of the new characters looks like. Outfit Colors are not completely final, trying to figure out what to do with the skirt.

Venca Banner

My oh my that Image is rather large, sorry about that, anyway...

As you can see episode 1 Progress is going smoothly for the most part. I have to storyboad scene 1 still, mainly because my older brother was going to storyboard that scene so I could focus on other parts, but he is dealing with technical issues. Seriously he needs to stop going to the wrong porn sites. but I digress.

Summer is going to be crazy. Aside from Episode 1 part 1, and maybe 2 if I can get it done, I'll also be starting work on a New show to come out to be used as sort of a place holder for you guys, and also a way to take a break from CYY from time to time. More information will come of that when it comes, but lets just say you already of seen a bit from it on here. I'll also be working on a Game with my Friend General Yeti, which we intend on releasing for free, which luckly we can do that on newgrounds now, so once we get it done, I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Well this has gone long enough, so I'll talk to you guys later when I get updates on other projects. Take care until then.


Posted by Silverelick - April 19th, 2015


Oh crap guys. I'm seriously sorry for not really been updating. Well I better get to the update.
First things first CYY Short 3 - Grinding.

It has been done. For like a month. Then you are probably wondering where the hell is it. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll, My sound guy Afro was dealing with not only a move, but a Harddrive crash, therefore losing a lot of things in the process. I swear he should have backed up a lot of the things, because this isn't the first time that happened to him, but I digress. This isn't the only short that has had some technical difficulties. All of them had them. I'm hoping the show isn't cursed or something. That will be up as soon as we can get it up. Anyway with that being done... for a month (seriously sorry about that guys) I've been spending my time working on my art style. Because if you have noticed I was kind of terrible at art. Luckly the world decided to cut me some slack and decided to give me a level up in the arting ability. If you have noticed with the Kaliber Nites Chibi picture.


I would post it here, but it is rather large. I've also decided to update my profile icon.

2672958_142943405122_silverelick___2015_by_silverelick-d8q93ja.pngSo yeah. Been messing with a new shading style, a cleaner look, and also some highlights. I hope to implement this in to CYY Episode 1. A lot of the Storyboards that I did of Episode 1, I'm feeling of just redoing to adhere to the new look. 

Also was able to animatic Scene 2 of the First episode today. Not going to show that, but it was pretty cool I guess.

And Finally, This is not Newgrounds related, so sorry about that. But I recently hit 100+ Subscribers on youtube. and I feel so terrible not being able to upload something to it since then. But I will say this. For sure, hopefully My next video I release with be CYY- Grinding, and Newgrounds will be getting it first. And I'm probably going to wait a day or two before uploading it to youtube. Mainly because I really want to get people to use newgrounds more. So yeah. I'm also coming up with a new show that is going to be set in the style of a Visual Novel/Turn Based RPG. Don't expect hearing more from that until Summer however.

So tl;dr is this -
Grinding is done for a month, but techincal difficulties has delayed it. Will be out on newgrounds first and ASAP.
Art Style Update.
CYY - Episode 1 is in full Production.
And New Show, more information coming in Summer.

Okay thats good I guess. Time to crash. I hope to post some actual content rather soon.

- Elick

Posted by Silverelick - February 28th, 2015



It's coming, Oh lord it's coming. When is it coming? Well depends on how much I can get finished in the aloted time, and If my Sound guy can do it. I also will have a guest artist on in it that will be providing some additional art for a scene in the short.

Now if you are wondering on episode 1, it's still coming, we just keep revamping the script. And really cleaning up character designs and world designs. That will be out whenever it's done, I'm hoping some time this year, but I wouldn't hold my breath... We are going to release it in 2 parts which is the plan, that way we can release them faster. And I'll probably upload the Full versions on youtube. Would really love to do the reverse on that though. What do you guys think? If you guys are willing to answer in the comments.

Well I'm off to bed. I'm writting this rather late at night, so any typos I'll try to fix in the morning when I'm awake.

Posted by Silverelick - January 2nd, 2015

Hello Folks! It's been a while since my last cartoon huh? Well it might be a bit longer... I'm basically going to be taking the time to Make the first episode of CYY, which production on that starts today. Why I waited so long? Well the holidays where going on around the time after I took my normal break from the last cartoon. Making it impossible to get a hold of any of my crew. Now that the holidays are basically over, aside from Valentines day, but really who gives a crap about that day if you lurk on the internet? Anyway the script for episode 1 and 2 are done, but I fear that the first episode might be a bit slow in the pacing side, and Episode 2 is a little shorter then I would like, so I might see if I can combine the two or something. On the down time between CYY Short and the first episode. I made another cartoon for my girlfriends birthday, but I didn't upload it here due to the length, and I didn't want to waste your guys time with a birthday cartoon. I tried some different type of animation with it, so it has a bit of growing pain with it. 

Here is the video if you care to watch it.

I've also been doing a bit of a training in the mountains type thing, attempting to update my art style. The results, well it's getting there I think, still have a bit of work to go. But I'm not going to be changing the art style for CYY too much, the plan is to clean up the art style a bit. I think I'm starting to get the hang of drawing in flash, and with this tablet.

Art style testHere is me trying too clean up the art in it, as well as testing out a look that is closer to the official art of the show. I think it came out okay. But it really depends on what I feel like going for.

So yeah thats basically the update I have for you guys. I'll keep you posted when I do some stuff for CYY, and I'll try to get some more oneshots out for you guys. it really depends on the time I have, and if I can stay interested long enough to finish them. The reason why I don't really do one shots, is that I keep flushing out things to get interested in them. So really if it isn't CYY related or something related to any other project of mine, I loose interest quick. Dropped a lot of oneshots because of that. Anyway thats my update for you folks. CYY Episode 1 will hopefully be done sometime this year. I'm looking to try to get this done about 3 to 4 months apart. but knowing me that will be impossible. So I'll think of something. Maybe be like Senpai club and release parts or something... I don't know. Anyway until then later folks!

Posted by Silverelick - October 25th, 2014

Quite a short time between the two shorts here on newgrounds. On youtube, they are a bit father apart. But I'm confident in my abilities, so my cartoons will be coming out both on the same time, but newgrounds will notably get them first. So whats the plan? Well I plan on throwing myself at episode 1 of the series. Which the script right now is rather large, and a bit boring right now, so going to have to spice it up with some action and romance... wait it's the first episode. okay skip that last part. I'm not sure how long it will take, or how long the episode will be, but I hope to make it look good. Until then enjoy the two shorts, I'd hope to continue posting more here soon!

Posted by Silverelick - October 1st, 2014

So Cyy Target Practice made it on newgrounds with a solid 3! I'm glad that it made it on here and thanks for all the comments. I'll be taking that in consideration in the next cartoon. Speaking of the next cartoon, it's in full swing! In fact it's been in full swing for a while now. But I hit a major snag in the production of do to audio stuff. So I was on production on the first episode of the series. However I was able to fix my audio issues and I can finally going and finish the new short. I'm looking in for a mid to late October release so hopefully I can get it done by then! Also it will be uploaded here first for about a day or so then uploaded to youtube.

Posted by Silverelick - August 11th, 2014

Just saying.

Posted by Silverelick - May 8th, 2010

I'm Making an Outline short that shoud be good On Newgrounds.
Also Episode of outline will be getting a new script and everything.

Posted by Silverelick - April 14th, 2010

I have been working on Outline and it looks like it won't be Newgrounds Worthy so I'll just keep it on youtube, but Cyy will be on here and will be animated to a similar why 4S is being animated, which I did work on!